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November 18, 2012
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Morning came, as I slowly opened my eyes.  The sun shined in through the window next to me and stung my eyes as though punishing me for waking up.  Once I regained my vision, I looked across the room to the kitchen clock, which read ten thirty am.  Luckily it was a Sunday, so I didn't have to worry about being late for work.  I then look back down towards the floor I slept on, hoping to get another glimpse at the filly that I brought home last night.  However when I look to my side, I find she isn't there.  I then look back up towards my father's old recliner and find her sitting on the far ledge of the left shoulder, trembling with fear.

I slowly reach towards her, but she flinches away before I even make contact.  I really don't find this all too surprising.  After all, we just met last night, in the dark, when she was half asleep.  Also taking into account is how young she is and might not have a fully developed memory just yet.  In truth, this is probably the first time she's ever seen me in full light.

"It's okay…" I gently say, slowly making my approach towards her " I won't hurt you."  

She doesn't move, only stares with more curiosity.  I get a little closer and she steps backwards, tripping a little bit when her hoof slides off the ledge.  I don't move much further, as I fear she may loose her balance and fall.  She then slowly steps to the side, and her weight causes the recliner to tip forward.  The force causes her to loose her balance and fall off the edge.  

I then dart forward, catching her just before she hits the ground.  My efforts go unrewarded as she flaps her little wings and wiggles all four legs.  She then starts making loud screeching noises, as I hold her at a distance to avoid injury.  The power jetting from her body soon becomes too great, as I start to loose my grip on her.  

I then slowly pull her towards my body, receiving a couple of kicks from her flapping legs.  Fortunately her body strength is not that powerful, so the worst I can expect are a couple of bruises.  However she becomes more terrified as she draws closer to my chest, and soon attempts to push me away with her front hooves, as she continues kicking me with her back ones.  I then attempt to quiet her with a series of "ssshhhsss."  

Surprisingly she starts to calm down, as though she didn't expect me to take such a course of action.  Taking advantage of the moment, I then pull her into a hug, to which she gives no resistance.

"There, there…" I quietly say, stroking her mane.  "See, I told you I wouldn't hurt you."  

She looks up with her large violet eyes.  Though she remains still, I can tell she's still not completely kosher with me just yet.
"You want here a song," I ask, to which she gives a semi nod.   I then sing a song that my mother used to sing to me when I had problems, a lullaby by Billy Joel.

"Good night my angel, time to close your eyes, and save these questions for another day…"
As I sing, she falls asleep in my arms.  I then pick up the blanket that was left sitting in my father's recliner, and wrap her in it.  I then her carry her over to the couch, and watch as she sleeps in my arms.

I once again find myself asking what she is doing here, and more importantly… what has become of me? Why am I acting this way?  I'm a twenty five year old man after all, whose spent most of life alone and at a dead end job.  I've never really had anyone to take care of before and really, aside from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, I'm not really much of kind hearted guy around the neighborhood.  I almost feel like I SHOULDN'T be the one taking care of her. Maybe she should be with some eight-year-old girl who loves taking care of animals.  After all, isn't that who the My Little Pony franchise was originally meant for?

But really, after seeing this sweet little filly… something happened last night.  Something happened… to warm my weak heart, and… it feels so right.

After about half an hour, she opens her eyes and looks up from her little blanket made sleeping bag.  She yawns, and then places her front hooves over her growling stomach.

"Are you hungry?" I calmly ask.  

She only looks at me, as though not fully understanding the question.  

"Here, let's go get some breakfast," I say, lifting us both off the couch and carrying her into the kitchen.

As I walk, she wraps her front legs around my chest, and pushes her face inward.  I then get that same feeling of warmth that I felt last night.   I look down, and shed a small tear of joy.

I then put the filly in a small high chair.  It was the same one my parents had used when I was a baby.  I still don't know why they kept it all these years, but it was quite handy for the time being.  Of course, there was the matter of what to feed her.  She seemed to like the carrots last night, but the question was would they have any kind of negative effect on her? She is a filly, but not one from this world.  Could food from this world affect her differently than in Equestria, could I have just poisoned her last night?  No, otherwise how could she be here now? Maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

I decided to play it safe and got her some more carrots.  Once again I broke them up like I did last night.  Maybe someday she could eat them whole, but for now, it's best not to fix what isn't broken.  However once I get them in her mouth, she spits them out into my face.  Now what?

"What's wrong," I ask.  I don't really know why I asked, it's not like she can talk.

She then started reaching out for something that was behind me. I turned around and noticed a small jar of peas on the back counter.  Is that what she wanted?  I went over and held it up over her head, to which she continued to reach for it, convincing me that this was in fact what she wanted.  I unscrewed the top and scooped some up in a small teaspoon.  I then fed it to her slowly, and she happily chewed it with a smile.  

I couldn't help but let loose a big smile of my own; she just looked so adorable chewing her food like this.  She then signaled that she wanted more, so I gave her a bit more.  Finally after about six spoons, she started jolting her head forward a bit.  At first I couldn't figure out what was going on.  Was she sick and about to throw up?  Then I remembered she was just a baby, so maybe she needed to be burped.  I then picked her up and held her against my shoulder, as I gently patted her back.  Sure enough, she let out a small burp, and rubbed her head against my shoulder with a smile.

The rest of the day was spent playing around the house.  Despite her young age, she had a very curious mind, and wanted to explore every inch of my house.  I led her around with a small game of peek-a-boo in various areas, which seemed to keep her motivated.  
Then, she came across the family picture on the living room wall.  She eyed it very curiously, as though she didn't know what to think.  I honestly didn't know what was going on, she was curious about everything in house, but this in particular stood out to her.  I knelt down and got close before speaking.

"This is me… along my mommy and daddy," I said softly, feeling a little foolish for using the terms "mommy" and "daddy".

"da…d…da…da," I heard the filly stutter.

I couldn't believe my ears, was she starting to talk? I seriously didn't expect her to speak so soon.  Then again, I honestly have no idea how old she actually is.  Perhaps she is capable of speech, and just hasn't learned it yet.
I tried motivating her to speak, only managing to get her to say the first syllable.  But before I knew it, she yawned and started to get down on her stomach.  I simply smiled and gently scooped her up.  I then carried her back to the couch, and sat down with her in my arms.  She was still awake, so I started to sing her the song again.

"Good night my angel time to close your eyes, and save these questions for another day…"

The filly then started to close her eyes.

"…some day your child may cry and if you sing this lullaby, then in your heart there will always be a part of me."
Soon the little filly was asleep, and I myself started to fall asleep myself.  All I could think about, was how wonderful this day was… with this little angel… this little filly… this little…Dashie.  

Then before I closed my eyes, I heard something… and looked down at the little filly.  I saw her lips moving, and then she stuttered it, her very first word: "Daddy."
Yep, it's been a while since I wrote a MLD fic. I've had a bit of writer's block with everything going on in life (my job, Dinosaur Dentist, the holidays coming up, prepping for school, etc). This one was a bit of a struggle to get out too.

This story takes place the day after the night the man brought Dashie home. I hope my facts are right, because I couldn't find in the original fic where exactly he slept that first night.

A portion of this story was inspired by the beautiful pmv I've been eyeing for some time: [link]
I really felt we should have some kind of fic where the song is actually sang to Dashie.

I also incorporated a theme I've been thinking about lately. My Little Dashie for me has become an icon of the Brony committee and years from now will embody it even after MLP Friendship is Magic ends. This is rooted in the fact that we have a fully grown MAN taking care of a little pony, where as up until recent times we've always expected a woman or a little girl to do it. As such, I kinda wanted to address that.
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HereticalRosePetal Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
If I heard filly Dash call me Daddy... I'd cry out of joy for hours.
cfruge444 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Okay, I'm gonna tell you straight up, when I saw that Billy Joel song in there, I IMMEDIATELY got the idea to do a "My Little Dashie" side-story set at Rainbow Dash's house where she sings "Lullaby For A Stormy Night" to Scootaloo!=D Plus, since I'm gonna mention her father, I might do another side-story where he sings that to her.=)
ClockworkDawn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Oh, god this is easily as good as the original fanfic
zeusking19deviant Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Hello Lone,

I love your My Little Dashie side stories, and I am currently writing a film script of the fanfiction.
I would love it if I could use your stories to add on to the original fanfic to create my script.

Keep up the great Work!
LoneArt8100 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
sure, I'd be honored
zeusking19deviant Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Thank you :D

Do you wish to have a copy when I have completed it?
LoneArt8100 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
zeusking19deviant Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
OK then :) I would love to see more stories based off MLD. Thank you so much!
LoneArt8100 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
CarpiniWorks Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Writer
Well, I must say, your WB certainly shows, because this definitely wasn't your strongest or most engaging work, but the explanation of how she learned her first word was very much a strike of genius. The story WAS good enough, but I just know that you have much, much more potential than this.
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